The Story

Skypaint is a Cyber Rock Opera which tells a futuristic version of the Garden of Eden tale. It follows one man’s journey from his tranquil home in the hills, into a synthetic, virtual world of cyber-reality.

The hero, Sky, feels isolated, alienated, and confused by the new ways of this modern world. When his wife, Laila, is plagued by a mysterious illness, Sky connects with a cutting edge doctor, Riley J Jones, who convinces Sky and Laila to "take a bite to unite with the cyber nation’s hallucination" and transfer their souls into his newly created digital world.

It is here that they can escape the strange illness plaguing Laila and live in a self-constructed heavenly bliss. Eventually, their bond begins to loosen as one accepts and one rejects this newfound, pain-free world.

"Terrific: immediately infectious, hard-rocking, and heartfelt. Skypaint may just be the best rock [or pop] opera by a small-scale band the breadth of material - sampled techno bits, helicopter-ish synth flutters a la Pink Floyd, rousing anthemic pop/rock, and country make for a powerful experience."

Jim Sullivan The Boston Globe

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